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The Art of Innovation

Energising people and ideas

A brief introduction to innovation and awareness of the innovation culture needed to drive improvements and energise people and ideas. For In-house delivery, clients work on tasks specific to their organisation

Learn 3 tools in 2-3 hours

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Art of innovation

Energising people and ideas.
This will equip you with creativity and problem-solving skills for personal or work life.

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Date: 20 May 2022
Time: 09:00- 11:00
Venue: On-line

Toolkit for Ideas

Getting great ideas and making them work

Equip people with some knowledge of climate, innovation and several creative thinking tools for problem solving.

Learn 5 tools in 4 hours

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Toolkit for ideas

Getting Great Ideas – and Making them Work
It will equip you with creativity and problem-solving skills in work life that lead to improvement and innovation.

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Date: 23 June 2022
Time: 8:30-12:30
Venue: Online

Toolbox for Brainwaves

Innovating for peak performance

Equip people with deeper knowledge of climate, teamwork, innovation and more creative thinking tools for problem solving and innovation, combined into a full innovation process for complex problems.

Master 7 tools in 7 hours

TIPS! Thought-Shop

Team, Innovation and Problem-solving Skills thought-shop

Gaining in-depth insight & knowledge of climate, teamwork, innovation.
Learn and internalise the full problem solving and innovation process for complex problems and learn several short practical creativity tools.

Duration: 2 days

Inspiring innovation

Building and growing your innovative capacity

Build the innovative capacity of a team by developing insights to teamwork, climate and strategies for innovation and learning and using creativity tools to find novel solutions for business problems

Belbin Team Roles

Using natural roles for optimal teams

Using natural roles for optimal teams

Discover inherent strengths of individuals for personal growth, and to enhance team effectiveness,creativity, and implementation

How Belbin links to our 3 key elements to strengthen creativity innovation and teamwork


Belbin has identified 9 team roles; 3 thinking roles, 3 social roles, and 3 actions roles.

Any individual may have 2 to 3 of the 9 roles as a natural attribute, while 2 roles may be least suitable to them.

Belbin team profiles will help the team identify their natural strengths.

When colleagues know one another’s skills, they will know the best person to call on during a specific stage of a problem, project or innovation to ensure implementation.

It will also identify if there are gaps in the complete range of team roles, required for high performing teams
When combined with SynNovation, the skills learnt will enhance any of the 9 team roles where natural strengths are lacking, be it thinking skills for fresh ideas, action skills for implementing ideas, or social skills for collaboration.

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