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What we do

We are catalysts for creativity and innovation. 

Our team, our ways of working and our processes enable people to access their untapped creative genius, and apply it to their current world to get fresh perspectives and solutions to problems or challenges.
We amplify critical and analytical thinking skills and combine them with creative thinking skills – in the right mix and right time, for the best results.

At SynNovation, we train and facilitate creative problem solving, innovation and change management in a wide variety of organisations. Along with our team of associates we address strategic and operational issues both innovatively and practically, while also building a positive culture and a range of skills that promote creativity, collaboration and communication.

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Our Services

We develop

creative capability, collaboration and change-readiness
through training,  facilitation and change management led by a team of innovation catalysts

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Smart organisations know they must innovate and lead effectively to get – and stay – ahead of their competitors. We can help you do just that.

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Our Team

We are a team of like-minded, independent innovation catalysts,
also known as SynNers,
who facilitate creative processes and programmes for organisations wishing to change.

Our Clients

You're in good company!

We have worked with many people and organisations over 25 years to create and implement their own game changing solutions using the SynNovation approach.

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