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How we make innovation happen

SynNovation is unique, highly participative and very practical. It is based on the Synectics approach developed in the United States in the late 1950s, and used internationally to achieve on-going innovation and improved performance . We have used it in South Africa since 1995, adapting and enriching it for use in the 21st century African context, and internationally. It promotes success in businesses of all sizes, in all industries, in the public sector, in education and in communities.

The power of the approach is that it simultaneously addresses creativity, novel strategies, behavioural and people issues, and practical implementation to deliver focussed innovation. The colours are linked to the symbolism in the SynNovation logo above – green for creativity, novelty and growth, red for relatedness and communication, blue for logic, practical and operational aspects – and black for “the sweet spot” of focussed and profitable innovation.